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eading provider of certification practice tests and assessments for IT professionals.

This integrated practice test and study guide product provides the perfect cert prep environment.


If you're looking for state-of-art practice test software, you've come to the right place. Not only does TPrep offer more questions than its competitors, but it also provides context-sensitive links to a Study Guide so that you can learn while you practice. This integrated test prep product will give you the preparation you need to approach the exam with confidence.

TPrep software includes the following features:

  • More than 100 Questions with two test-taking modes, twice as many as most of the competing practice test providers.
  • Customization options including the ability to test on specific exam objectives and topic areas.
  • Two Exam Modes
    • Practice Mode is a timed environment similar to an actual live exam in that the user does not see correct answers and explanation until test is completed.
    • Learning Mode provides links to contextual answers from the Study Guide e-book to create a truly integrated learning environment

The TPrep software is available on a CD, or can be purchased and downloaded directly to the user's desktop from e-tprep.com.

The integrated e-book provides in-depth, context-sensitive explanations to each exam question, and allows you to toggle back and forth while in Learning Mode.   The complete Sybex's CompTIA Security+ Study Guide is included allowing you to study while you practice.


Begin by selecting either Practice Test (a timed exam with a set number of questions), or Learning Mode (where you can create custom tests based on exam objectives or a chapter from the e-book).   Get your exam results, and even print a report to track your progress.