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TPrep for CompTIA Strata™TPrep for CompTIA Strata™ is designed to accurately replicate the certification testing environment for CompTIA Strata™, maps directly to exam objectives.

TPrep for CompTIA Strata™ is designed to give students a simulation of the exam experience. This practice experience will reduce their test anxiety and help them become familiar with the testing format.

The TPrep for CompTIA Strata™ questions are mapped to the CompTIA Strata™ standards and are similar to the actual CompTIA Strata™ Exam questions, so they will help you easily evaluate your students' readiness.


Included Features:

  • Learning Mode - Step-by-step tutorials and learning
  • Practice Test - Nearly identical to the certification exam experience

Instant Training:

  • Provides feedback on each question
  • Provides on-screen instruction
  • Maps directly to the objectives for CompTIA Strata™ exams

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Begin by selecting either Practice Test (a timed exam with a set number of questions), or Learning Mode.    
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